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Internet Blinds
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With 21 years of experience in window furnishings, we are solely motivated by ensuring that our customers are supplied with window furnishings of high quality, and uniquely designed to accommodate the style of your home. 

For either a traditional, modern or contemporary look, our consultants are dedicated to ensure that you are informed on all options available to you regarding your style of home, décor and required look.  

We can accommodate for any job including Commercial, Industrial, Corporate, Government, Schools, Child Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Retail Stores, and many more. We also cater for those jobs that require Fire Retardant fabrics, or Child safe systems and Government and Health Industry standards. 

We supply an extensive range of fabrics that are constantly updated with the latest trends, colours, patterns and texture. 

Fabric Suppliers

Zepel Fabrics,
Hoads Fabrics,
Charles Parsons,
Wilson Fabrics, 
JW Designs,
Austral Textiles, 
Elliot Clark, 
Gummerson Fabrics, 
Slender Morris,
Trabeth Textiles, and Many More………………….